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  • Intense Heat all natural Organic Face Cream (1/2 oz 6 month supply)


    Organic face cream 6 month supply for one jar in the picture above.

    Directions: Wash your face with an antibacterial soap. Be sure to pat dry the face when finished. Last Apply the cream on your face massage the cream into your pores for 5 mins. 

     Cream can be used 2 to 3  times a day! Do not wash the cream off your face

    The cream targets dark spots, acne, blemishes, dark circles under the eye, aging spots, moisturizes the skin for youthful looking appearance! This special cream can be used on your body. Avoid eye contact to your eyes. Base ingredients: jojoba cocoa, and lemon!

    CAUTION: Organic cream needs to be stored in a cool area.